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Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

SOLUTIONS FOR RETAILERS IN A CONNECTED WORLD. It has become a truism that the world is increasingly connected and for retailers this means competition like never before. Your customers are a few swipes on their smartphone away from finding a cheaper alternative to your product, reading a bad review or diverting their attention to countless digital distractions.

And yet this world is full of opportunity. Technology gets better and cheaper every day, allowing even small retailers to present world class storefronts online, piggyback on the same massive distribution infrastructure larger companies use and source their products worldwide at a cost that would have been inconceivable even just ten years ago. More importantly, they can have meaningful conversations with any and all of their customers at a scale that is both vast yet intimate.

All of this means more choices, for the consumer but crucially for companies too. In a world of exploding choices, strategy becomes paramount. The ability to choose the right handful of initiatives which will drive profitability while forgoing the rest is the difference between thriving and stagnating in this hyper-competitive world.

Rialto Partners is a consulting firm dedicated to helping retailers adapt their branding, marketing and social media strategies to the rapidly evolving world of omnichannel retailing while upholding excellence in the traditional disciplines of sales forecasting, inventory optimization, pricing and merchandising.

We’ll help you ask —and answer— the crucial questions: Who should be our customer? What products should we not be selling? What is the promise behind our brand? What do we do better than our competitors? Where should we be spending our limited resources? How do we build an engaged community around our brand? What are the key metrics we should be watching closely to know if we’re being successful?

Albuquerque SEO Services

Rialto Partners is a full service Ecommerce Strategy Consultancy & Digital Marketing Agency headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a network of talent around the country.

If you’re looking to engage a partner that can help you develop strategy and then stick with you through implementation, learning and calibration, we offer convenience, accountability and a commitment to long-term relationships.

Often our clients already have graphic designers, web developers or ad agencies they work with and they are looking for us to provide strategic leadership, fill an execution gap, represent their interests before vendors and even help them recruit, vet and train our eventual replacements as they build these capabilities in house.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Voice of the Customer


  • Analytics
  • User Experience
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Omnichannel Retail


  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Display & Video Advertising
  • Affiliates, Referrals & Marketplaces


  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Retargeting
  • Content Marketing


  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Promotional Planning
  • Product Photography


  • Web Design & Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Bespoke Programming
  • Custom Reports


  • Branding
  • PR
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Advertising Management


  • Pricing
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Merchandising
  • Product Life Cycle


  • Order Fulfillment
  • Supply Chain
  • Distribution
  • Quality Assurance
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Little Anita's Client Sube Client
Wooden Eagle Client Zenger Client
Pueblo Direct Client Holdbreaker Client
Advanced Trichology Client Consolidated Solar Technologies Client
Cynnamon Coordinating Services Client Ruskin Gardens Client
Direct Mexico Imports Client Life Matcha Tea Client
Jibaro Puerto Rico Clothing Client SmartLite Flameless Candle Client
Michelle's Ruidoso Client Nina Forrest Jewelry Client
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Background of Rialto Partners
New Mexico Ecommerce Consulting

Hundreds of years ago when Venice ruled the seas its merchant ships visited distant lands on long dangerous voyages to bring back exotic merchandise to the marketplaces of the Rialto. Over time savvy bankers and sophisticated financiers grew alongside the traders and shopkeepers and the Rialto district of Venice came to be known as the place to find the finest wares and most unusual commodities. After Shakespeare wrote The Merchant of Venice the word rialto also became synonymous with theater.

Start with a bit of risk taking, add some creative financial engineering, mix in the persistence to journey into undiscovered quarters and the commitment to bring back goods of wonder to discerning buyers, and throw in a dash of performance art — sounds to us like a winning formula for ecommerce.

We chose as the symbol of our company the iconic Rialto Bridge which connects the storied commercial center to the rest of Venice and indeed the broader world. We find the imagery fitting for the partnerships we seek to build with our clients to help them span the challenges of the day and see their ambitions realized.

Designers, Strategists, & Developers
Steve Searfoss Team Member
Ann Gleason Team Member
David Kern Team Member
Casey Cowart Team Member
Marissa Easter Team Member
Brittany Kubacki Team Member
Desiree Padilla Team Member
Pablo Escobedo Team Member
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Steve Searfoss

Founder & Managing Director

Steve has been an entrepreneur, management consultant and marketing director for nearly 20 years. At heart he is a writer and loves nothing more than chasing down a good story. He enjoys working with inventors, designers and other entrepreneurs to help them bring their creative vision to life by building an audience for their brands and finding customers for their products.

Driven by intense curiosity, he likes breaking down troublesome problems and formulating winning strategies. Steve is equally at home giving creative direction to designers as he is translating business needs into feature specs for programmers. E-commerce appeals to his competitive nature because it provides instant feedback. It’s one thing to have a great idea; it’s quite another to know more people are buying because of that great idea.

Ann Gleason

Project & Graphic Design Manager

Ann Gleason is a graphic designer and project manager who wears many “hats”. Her skills range from email marketing, website design, to brochures and other print material, as well as all the project management skills required to see each project to completion. She enjoys tackling new challenges and loves helping companies unify their brand look and feel across any and all channels.

Her past experience includes over 7 years of various digital and graphic design, management, and data wrangling positions. She has an Associates in Graphic Design and a Certificate in Web Technology from Central New Mexico Community College. When not at work, she enjoys virtually everything geeky, particularly the BBC shows Doctor Who and Sherlock.

David Kern

Website Developer & Photographer

David is a website developer and photographer based in Minnesota. During an extensive photography career that took him all over the world, from NYC fashion shoots to war-ravaged Somalia, he began tapping into his tech-savvy skills to develop the online presences for numerous clients. He has designed and built websites for a wide range of businesses and nonprofits, including museums, service organizations and consumer product lines.

David works with a variety of Rialto Partners clients to create a strong and effective Web presence that will increase their visibility and reach. He resides in Minneapolis with his wife and teenage son. In his downtime, he enjoys chilling with his family, eating Indian and Thai food, reading philosophy, and coaching his son’s football and baseball teams.

Casey Cowart

Search Strategist

With a B.S. in computer science, Casey has spent 15 years in the Information Technology field and has been involved with multiple startups.  Using a holistic approach with other members of the team, his primary focus with Rialto Partners is pouring through oodles of metrics and data to optimize search marketing strategies including SEO, PPC, and PPV.

When he's not digging through code on a website or buried deep within Google AdWords or analytics, he's likely enjoying some time with his wife and kids in the Pacific Northwest doing something crazy like building a giant playhouse.

Marissa Easter

Marketing Manager

Marissa Easter is a “Jill of All Trades” in all things marketing. She has worked with a variety of clients, helping them connect with their customers by creating cohesive brand strengthening strategies.

Her past experience includes over 6 years of e-commerce, marketing, merchandising, communications, and advertising experience. She has worked with a variety of clients in the fashion, sports, restaurant, and information security industries. Marissa received an MBA from the University of New Mexico. In her spare time, Marissa enjoys traveling and time with family.

Brittany Kubacki

Project Lead

After years spent in the cornfields of the Midwest, Brittany fled to the Southwest seeking whole new vistas that weren't all flat. In the process, she got her MA, got involved in language revitalization, and is currently working on her PhD in Linguistics at UNM.

Grad school helped to polish her computer skills, as did working for AISES before coming to Rialto Partners. Brittany spends her spare time writing fiction, playing co-op video games, and being a good thrall to her two often adorable cats.

Desiree Padilla


Desiree is a graduate of the Southwest University of Visual Arts with a bachelors degree in graphic design and photography. In addition to specializing in product photography and model shots, she also does a variety of freelance work including portraits, special occasions and landscapes.

She is passionate about photography because “it allows me to captures beauty in so many different ways”. When she is not working, Desiree loves to watch movies with her kids and eat homemade brownies.

Pablo Escobedo


Pablo is a data analyst with multiple additional skills including website, graphic, and software design. He is studying Software Engineering online through Arizona State University while pursuing many creative hobbies that build on his arsenal of technology-related tools. He enjoys all forms of problem-solving, especially when new and unfamiliar concepts come in to play.

While e-commerce is a new frontier for him, Pablo is rapidly expanding his capacity to organize, analyze, and derive insights through data-driven processes. He works to aggregate the mass of available data for several Rialto Partners clients in order to present succinct, meaningful information. Beyond work, Pablo often loses himself playing and designing games of all genres: board, video, card, and more.

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Whether you’re a startup launching a product, an established company looking to enter a new market or an organization struggling to find ways to grow profitably, we’d like to talk.

Get in touch, tell us about the challenges you’re facing and if we think we can help, we’ll give you a free consultation. If you’re in the Albuquerque area, we’ll spend the day with you on-site, asking lots of questions. And then we’ll give you our best ideas. We’ll do this because we know how hard execution can be. And that’s where we come in.

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